Indonesia has extensive regulation and control over environment and mining operation itself does possesses inherit potential environmental risks which generally from waste handling. One of the major environmental concern from gold mining is waste water treatment and tailings, due to the latter contains hazardous elements. Our operations comply with environmental regulations in all material aspects.


Core element from corporate values is to operate for profit without sacrificing communities' well-being. Aside from complying with Indonesia law and regulations, and international standards, we are striving to comply with International Finance Corporation (IFC) in social and environment policies, performance, management, and transparency.


We are committed to implement the best environmental management with implementation of Environmental Management System (EMS) based on ISO 14001. This program is regularly audited by internal and external parties as it is the key to continuous improvement.


To ensure Archi and its subsidiaries able to manage enviromental risks, we conduct training and education with topics such as reclamation, revegetation, water management, wildlife, monitoring system, environmental impact assessment, environmental management system (EMS), biodiversity, etc. These training is available to all employees and regularly conducted every year.