GCG Statement

Archi strictly comply to Indonesian government regulations in adopting and implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG) process and understand the importance of implementation of International GCG standard for the sake of international customers and investors. In the implementation and policy making, we apply corporate governance principles throughout the company until it create consistent direction and work practices in all of it business units. The corporate governance principles are:

A. Transparency

Transparent in all decision making process and provide material and relevant information that are timely, clear, and consistent in financial condition, corporate governance, and shareholders.

B. Accountability

Clear in execution and responsibilities of each company organ's job and functions and also internal control system to ensure alignment between management and shareholders interest.

C. Responsibility

Clearness and aligned of duties and functions in corporate management to laws and regulations.

D. Independency

Governing the company professionally free from conflict of interests and any influence or pressure internally and externally.

E. Fairness

Ensure protection and equitable treatment to shareholders' rights, including rights of minority shareholders.


Audit Committee

Audit Committee is responsible to Board of Commissioners. The duties and responsibilities of Audit Committee as written in Archi's Audit Committee Charter is as follows:

  1. To review financial reports that has been released by the company to public and/or authority which include financial statement, projection, and other reports that relates to financial information of the company.
  2. To review the the company's compliance to laws and regulations in capital market and other regulations that relate to company's operations.
  3. To provide independent opinion in dissent between management and external auditors of the provided services.
  4. To provide recommendation to Board of Commissioners in external auditors selection that is based on independency, scope of works, and service fee.
  5. To review audit conducted by internal audit on the company and oversight followup of findings by Board of Directors.
  6. To review risk management activities by Board of Directors, if the company does not have organ to review risk policy under Board of Commissioners.
  7. To review and provide suggestions to Board of Commissioners relates to potential conflict of interests in the company.
  8. To review complaints relates to accounting and financial reporting processes.
  9. To maintain confidentiality of documents, data, and other information own by the company.


In doing their work, Audit Committee has the following authority:

  1. Access to company's documents, data, and information about employees, fund, asset, and resources if needed.
  2. Direct communication to employees, including Board of Directors and other parties in doing their internal audit function, risk management, and accounting that relate to their duties and responsibilities of Audit Committee.
  3. Involving non-audit committee member independent party if needed to assist their tasks.
  4. And other authority that is given by the Board of Commissioners. 


Audit Committee Members

Stephen K Sulistyo

Erwin Sudjono (Chairman)

Mr. Erwin, 63, Indonesia citizen, is also an Independent Commissioner at PT Archi Indonesia (2014-present). He was the Division Chief of Staff, Chief of Staff KODAM III, Commander 2nd Division KOSTRAD, Commander of KODAM VI Tanjungpura, Commander of KOSTRAD and Chief of General Staff Indonesia National Army. He graduated from AKABRI (1975), INFANTERI of SUSLAPA (1985), SESKOAD (1990), received Law degree from Institute of Military Law (1995) and training from National Defense Institute (1999).

Paul Capelle

Paul Capelle

Mr. Paul, 70, Indonesia citizen, is also a Commissioner at Aini Eye Hospital (2012-present), Audit Committee member at PT BW Plantation Tbk (2011-present), and President Commissioner and Audit Committee Member at Wintermar Offshore Marine Tbk (2011-present). He was the founding partner of KAP Osman Bing Satrio & Eny (a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Indonesia)(1990-2010) where he held position as Chief Executive Officer (2004-2006). He was lecturer at Economic Faculty, Accounting Major of Indonesia University (1968-1998).

Thomas V Christianto

Thomas Valian Christanto

Mr. Thomas, 41, Indonesia Citizen, currently hold position as Deputy Managing Director for Operations of PT BW Plantation Tbk (2013-present). He was the Head of Budget Control of Procurement at the same company (2007-2013). Prior to joining PT BW Plantation, he was the Head of Budget Control Department of PT Global Informasi Bermutu or Global TV (2004-2007), and had experience in capital market industry as Senior Analyst (1997-2004). He received his degree in Economic from IBII school of economics (1995).

Internal Audit

Archi has established internal audit unit to oversight company's compliance. Duties and responsibilities of internal audit are as follow;

  1. Facilitating risk assessment
  2. Have access to monitoring and audit outcomes
  3. Collaborate with business division of the company to:
    • Implement corporate policies and procedures for their duty and implementation monitoring that are applied to each division or department

    • Propose compliance policy and procedure development that specifically for division and support its enforcement

    • Ensure delivery of development and involvement in compliance training

    • Deliver potential problems to Board of Directors and respective persons that are assigned to coordinate each division or department (head of business unit)

  4. Monitor recovery process of problem and risk management
  5. Enforce compliance relates to standard procedure and discipline
  6. Check and assess efficiency and effectiveness in finance, accounting, operational, human resources, marketing, information technology, and other activities
  7. Set and execute annual audit plan
  8. Test and evaluate internal control and risk management system in accordance to company's policies 
  9. Provide improvement suggestion and objective information about audited activity to all level of management
  10. Produce and deliver audit report to President Director and Audit Committee
  11. Monitor, analyze, and report corrective actions that was suggested by Internal Audit
  12. Work together with Audit Committee
  13. Set program to evaluate internal audit quality of works
  14. Perform special investigation if needed