Who is involved in the TOKA SAFE Program

TOKA SAFE involves everyone within the organisation in the effort to identify and eliminate the causes of incidents.

The TOKA SAFE Program, it identifies the activities that should be carried out to do, monitor and evaluate the OHS performance of the organization in order to create a safe place to work in.



The TOKA Safe mascot is a Tarsius. It is a protected and endemic animal living in and around our Mine. We use this animal because of its strong instinct to protect family from dangers by alerting them certain signals of any potential harm. 

By placing him as our safety mascot, we want our employees to make our area safe by reporting any hazards and risks then managing them to the acceptable levels.



TOKA SAFE is a brand within our OHS management system that implemented within the Toka Tindung Gold Mine Project.

TOKA SAFE consists of two words “TOKA" and “SAFE”. TOKA stands for TOrang Kua so Aman (We are safe) from Manadonese language and "SAFE” is from the English language means “No harm”.


TOKA SAFE Legal & MS Standard Reference 

The TOKA Safe Management system has been developed based on international safety standard OHSAS18001:2007. Since 2005, it has been certified OHSAS18001:2007. TOKA Safe MS is also based on PERMEN ESDM No. 38 Year 2014 and KEPMEN ESDM No.555.K/26/M.PE/1995.